3 Different Types of Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures have the ability to change the aesthetics of your home and set the ambience of any room they are put in; not just because of the light but also due to the style and the look of the fixtures as well.

Here we have for you different types of lighting fixtures:

1. Track – Either mounted or suspended from the ceiling, this type of modern lighting fixtures consists of a linear housing with multiple heads that can be positioned at any point on the track. You can change the direction of the heads to highlight or accent specific areas of any room.

2. Pendant – Pendant lighting fixture is suspended from the ceiling of your room and its light is directed straight down usually over a certain area like a kitchen island, a table or a countertop. These kind of fixtures really enhance the decor of any room and make for ambient lighting.

3. Chandeliers – Like pendants, chandeliers are also suspended from the ceiling but their light is usually focused upward, over an entryway or an arch.